Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've been neglectful

So it has been about 3 months since I last posted, and I failed to post pictures of Annika's "after photos" from surgery....Sorry! Once we got home, life continued on despite the fact that we had a recovering 1 year old, so we were busy busy busy, and blog life took a back seat! Below you will see a few photos of Annika's facial developments since her latest surgery. She looks so great, and having 2 real lips are helping the formation of, what seems like, hundreds of new words a week! In fact, 2 people stopped me at church today just to marvel at how good she is looking and how difficult it is to tell she even has scars. It is easy to forget how far she has come in less than 2 years, but looking at her baby book reminds me ofhow blessed we really have been, and how when we found out about her condition, the journey ahead seemed so overwhelming. We look back now and say "that wasn't so bad!"

Ross and Annika just before her Surgery in September

Annika on the way home from surgery the same day. She nose was very pinched and her lips and cheeks were swollen.

This is about 1 week after surgery. Notice the skin glue around her mouth and nose.

Annika and mommy went to the fire truck parade. She loved the big trucks!

For Halloween, Annika was a very cute lady bug! We spent the evening at my mom's house, passing out candy.

Our happy little peanut mid-November.

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a good looking family, don't I?

Adorable Christmas picture taken by my dad.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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