Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surgery Update

Do you ever have a case of "the Mondays?" I'm taking a grad class this semester on Monday nights, so pretty much every Monday in 2011 has been one of those days...the day just seems so long with not much to look forward to in the day. This past Monday was by and far the worst case of "the Mondays" yet because of a phone call.

I called Annika's surgeon office to get her pre-operation appt. switched to the week of my Spring Break, so I didn't have to take more time off. The secretary asked me to hold, and when he came back to the phone, he said "Actually, surgery has been rescheduled." Hmmm.... I thought, nice of them to call! When I asked what the new surgery date was, he replied with something even more unexpected....July 19. This date is exactly 3 months later than the original date. For those of you who know me well, my first reactions are not always my finest moments. I was a bit stearn with the secretary, so he transferred me to the scheduler. She informed me that they had already let her ENT Dr. office know that tubes would be postponed too. At this point, I began crying to a stranger. I babbled on about how Annika already has some slight hearing loss and pushing tubes back 3 months could be damaging, and that she couldnt have more ear infections because prescriptions hinder her from weight gain, and she's already small...blah blah blah. I'm sure the scheduler was super happy with the secretary for pawning me off to her. Anyway, she told me Annika was on the top of the waiting list for any cancellations that could come up, and we left it at that. By the way, surgery was pushed back because her Dr. will be out of the country in April doing speaking engagements.

My next reaction was to spend some money on Annika clothes (I was in the Carters parking lot already). Then I called Ross and cried some more. He's much more calm and logical about life in general than I am. He soaked it all in, and we didnt really talk much more about it until after class. We had planned on calling Annika's pediatrician and ENT Dr. to ask them to make a call and advocate for Annika's health. In the end, all of this was unnecessary, because I got a call Tuesday morning from the surgeon's office telling me they were able to bump Annika's surgery up to May 3! This is only 2 weeks later than the original date, so we'll take it! I'm not sure how they were able to make such a drastic change in less than 24 hours, but frankly I don't care either! It looks like we will have a busy month in May with 5 trips to GR, but we are so happy to have things resolved.

It is weeks like this that I am so glad Annika is so young and doesn't know what is going on. By the time she can hang on to memories, the worst will be long behind her, and she will have no recollection of a different time.

Thanks to all of the prayers you continue to say for Annika. She truly is such a trooper, and Ross and I appreciate all of the support you continue to show us!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ross took Annika to the Ears/Nose/Throat Dr. today. They gave her a hearing test and also used a sensor to see if there was any fluid. They found significant fluid built up, and because of this, she is unable to hear very low sounds. To fix these problems, they will put tubes in her ears. They opted to wait to do it during her palate surgery, since they have found cleft tubes to be ineffective without a palate.

We've also been scheduled to see her pediatrician this Friday for a weight check-in. We have still been getting up with her once at night to feed her, hoping that this will help her gain a little weight. At first it seemed to be working, as she was taking almost a full feeding more each day. But just this past week, she's started eating much less (4-5oz instead of 7-8oz at a time). The Dr. mentioned at her last appt. that she should be eating 40 oz per day in order to gain weight. Today, she had only 30 oz. My guess is that the Dr. will not be satisfied with the weight gain. We'll see.

On a completely separate note, I get to go to Grand Rapids Friday night overnight with my 2 sisters. This will be my first night leaving Ross and Annika alone! While I have no doubts that Ross is a totally capable parent, I can't help but feel a little funny about leaving. With that said, I am SO ready for some sister time and relaxation!

Anyway, check back in a few days for a weight update! Real exciting, I know the anticipation will kill you as much as it is me :)