Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home!!! After my post yesterday, Annika began to wake up a little more, and my mom came to visit her in the later afternoon. After my mom left, we had about a two hour break where we all relaxed a bit before the evening visitors. At about 6:15, the flood of visitors began; lucky for all of us, we had a bigger room this time around, so everyone fit, but in the midst of all the visitors, Annika became overwhelmed,tired, and very very crabby. As of this time, Annika had still not eaten anything either.

The last of the visitors left around 8:30, and Annika finally ate 8:45 via syringe. She was able to get some more medicine, and she fell right asleep. Ross and I were also thoroughly exhausted, so we went to bed shortly after 9:30. The night itself went SO smoothly; Annika only woke up when nurses came to check her vital signs and give her more medicine. Even then, she fell right back asleep each time. We all woke up this morning around 6:45 feeling well-rested.
the Dr. came in around 8:00 and gave us the okay to go home, but Annika decided to take another nap before leaving. By the time it was all said and done, we didn't end up getting home until shortly after 11, but we are so glad to be away from the hospital!
As we are on our own now, please pray that Annika begins to eat more. She is still not thrilled about eating and will only take tiny bits of formula at a time. She is also much more swollen today than she was yesterday, so pray that her body will go back to normal quickly. Even when she wants to smile right now, you can only tell by her eyes that she's smiling because her face won't move much.

Very ready to go home...note the stylish "farm alphabet" no-no bands

Annika was ready to play when she got home!!!

A very puffy-faced little girl

Friday, November 12, 2010

Surgery #2 Complete

After a pleasantly calm morning, Annika went into surgery just before 8:00 a.m.. By the time she was put under the doctor ended up not getting started until 8:45. Ross and I enjoyed a relaxing (and ginormous for Ross) breakfast in the cafeteria, and then spent the rest of our time in the waiting room. At about 10:45 Dr. Mann came in to let us know everything had gone just fine. He ended up only doing the lip repair on her left side and said he would save the pallet work for the next surgery. We spent about an hour in the recovery room before we were taken to our room where we will spend the rest of our time.

Annika has been sleeping most of the afternoon. She wakes up sporadically and cries and whines a little but falls back asleep quickly. The morphine and tylenol with codine are keeping her knocked out. As far a her looks go, it's difficult to grasp what she is going to look like because of the current swelling and crusted blood around her mouth and nose. Her nose is crooked and pinched because of the tightness from surgery but it will slowly relax back into normal position.

Ross and I are both a little exhausted since we were up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and didn't sleep much for a couple hours before that while I was trying to give Annika a little more food before her surgery deadline. On the upside the room that we are in this time around has much more space in it so we are very happy about that. Now we should have room and are looking forward to Annika's Grandparents stopping by to visit.
Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for Annika as she heals, and deals with the frustration of arm restraints and a sore mouth.
Annika Still groggy after surgery

Getting some much-needed snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy
Starting to wake up a little bit

Awake and ready for visitors!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Could you please repeat that?

I got the phone call today for Annika's surgery time and instructions. They nurse said, "We have Annika scheduled for surgery at 7:53 AM..." I was thinking, "Did I hear that right? Who schedules surgeries so exact in timing?" I actually had to ask her to repeat the time, because I thought I heard it wrong! Anyway, so the time is set! We're happy to get it over with first thing in the morning. Last surgery was also in the morning, but Annika was so crabby before surgery because she was hungry! This time around I'm going to make sure to give her some pedialite in the middle of the night to fill her tummy.

The plan for communicating on Friday is for Ross and I to call our parents when surgery is finished, or in the small chance the doctor calls us to let us know he's going to go ahead with the palate work, we would call parents then too. For everyone else, please check her blog in the late afternoon for updates, or feel free to get a more personal update from a parent!

Annika is still struggling with a little cough and an ear infection. In addition to surgery, please pray that these things do not make her even more uncomfortable than expected this weekend.

Thanks again for your prayers! It is truly amazing to have such a sense of calm this time around.