Friday, September 16, 2011

Good News!

We got 2 pieces of good news today regarding Annika and her surgeries:
1- She is done for at least 3 years with surgeries!
2- We will not need to stay overnight tonight; instead, we can go home this afternoon!

Annika went into Surgery at 7:30 this morning. We had been here since 5:30, and she played so nicely during our wait. She was not so happy (okay she was REAL mad) about having to be given to a stranger, but they took her back, gave her some sleepy medicine, and began their work. Surgery itself took about 4 hours, and Dr. Mann came to see us at about noon to tell us he was pleased with how things went, and that we would be able to go home today.

Right now, we're still waiting to head home. We are in a recovery room waiting for Annika to be awake, comfortable, and drinking a little liquid. Ross and I are getting a little antsy, so I'm aiming to leave here in an hour or so, but we also don't want to rush anything.

Pictures to come sometime this weekend!

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