Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recovery so far

Peanut after a long day in surgery

There are some things only a mother can fix.

Hangin out in Annika's HUGE hospital room (more pictures of the room to come later)

Daddy is a great snuggler too.

In this close-up, you might be able to see what looks like a tiny white snow fence over her top teeth. This is the splint that will cover the entire roof of her mouth for the next 3 weeks.

Good morning!

Let me just say that I fully expect today to be an improvement from yesterday. With that said, we have not started off on the right foot exactly. Sleeping in a hospital with a child is never peaceful, as nurses check on her quite often in the first place. Combine that with an uncomfortable little girl who had trouble breathing throughout the night, and you end up with about 4 hours of total sleep. When Annika slept, she slept well, but it did not last for extensive periods of time. She woke up moaning and crying often.

Other than the lack of sleep, the doctor was able to take her nasal canule out, and she is breathing fine on her own, although she still has some yucky build up in her throat that sounds really uncomfortable. They also asked that we start trying some pedialite via syringe to get her used to drinking on her own. She's just been on an IV up to this point. She is not a fan of anything comeing near her mouth right now, so I've gotten a total of about 4 teaspoons in her so far today. They are also beginning to take her off of morphin, and we will try some tylenol w/ codine instead.

As of now, I'm optomistic that we'll be able to come home today. The only contingency is her being able to drink consistently.

Thanks again for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for Annika as she is frustrates with being tied down with IVs and tubes. Also pray that she won't feel pain.

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  1. where's the "like" button?!? ;)
    so glad to hear everything is progressing nicely...
    give that little girl a kiss from her auntie chelsea.
    love & hugs to you all!