Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 down, 1 to go!!!

It's about 8:30 and Annika is resting peacefully in Kelli's arms at the moment. I say at the moment because she has had some pretty good spells since we've been in her room where it is obvious that she is in a lot of pain and not happy about it. Since surgery she has been struggling a little with breathing because of a lingering cold and her normally wide open breathing passage that has been cut in half. The nurses put her on oxygen through a nasal canula which seems to be helping to stabalize it. The surgery went well and as planned and they also put tubes in her ears as well. The Dr.'s office called yesterday to tell us that the time was bumped up to 11:40 a.m. which we were happy to hear because it would be less time on an empty stomach after she woke up. What amazed Kelli and I the most was how happy she was for the two hours after we registered at the hospital before her surgery started. A fifteen month old that hadn't eaten for 8-10 hours and played like a little angel isn't normal and definately showed the power of prayer. The doctor came to see us at 5:00 after surgery and explained what he did which still confuses us every time but she is in great hands with Dr. Mann. He was able to use cheek fat and the sides of her gums by cutting and folding it up and sewing it to close off her palate. It should have been a really long wait for Kelli and I but once again time just seemed to pass by nicely and we were both very calm during the whole process. This is our first stay in the new Devos Childrens Hospital and it is amazing, our room is at least twice the size of the previous two and has very large windows in the room as well.
We haven't had to try to feed Annika yet but when we do it will probably be with a syringe. From the sounds of it the first couple days will probably be pretty rough from a pain standpoint and then from there hopefully she will rebound and just have to deal with the feeding adjustments. Please pray that she will start breathing more easily(this is important in order for her to be able to go home tomorrow), pray that the transition into new feeding methods will go smoothly, pray for patience for Kelli and I as try to keep Annika comfortable.
Thank You

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